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to volunteer at the National Public Lands Day Event at the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary



Bravely Be

DEFINITIONS: Participants are the adult agreeing to this Waiver and any children under eighteen years of age for whom this adult is a parent or guardian.


RELEASE FROM LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE: The Participants agree to release Bravely Be, its employees, officers, directors, agents, or partners from any and all liability from claims of any nature whatsoever arising from Participant ’s participation in the Bravely Be programs and Events, except to the extent such liability is directly attributable to the gross negligence or willful or wanton conduct of Bravely Be , or its employees, officers, directors agents, or partners.


PARTICIPANTS ASSUMES RISK: The Participants understand the inherent risks and dangers of participation in a physical activity, and agree to assume all risk of and responsibility for personal injury or death, or damage to property arising from, based upon, or relating to the participation in the event.


RIGHT OF PUBLICITY: Participation in the Bravely Be Programs shall constitute permission to use the name, likeness or any other identification of the Participants in Bravely Be publications and its web page without compensation to or right of prior review or approval by the Participants (except where prohibited by law).


By checking the box below, I hereby give permission to Bravely Be or its authorized employee, agent, or partner, to use Participants’ likeness or photographs of Participants, for any advertising, publicity or any other purposes in connection with the official Bravely Be’s web site, Bravely Be’s social media, or any related purpose thereto, without compensation to or right of prior review or approval by Participants (except where prohibited by law).





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